Compression Gym Shorts


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Washing precautions:

1. Can be washed with a variety of washing powder and soap.
2. The washing temperature is below 40 degrees Celsius.
3. Machine washable, hand washable, dry cleaning.
4. Brush with a brush.
5. After washing, it is easy to dry and not exposed to the sun, so as not to cause wrinkles due to heat.
6. When ironing, you should add a damp cloth, the temperature should not be too high, the dark clothing is best to burn the opposite side.
How to wash the polyester material is not deformed. But pay attention to washing with water below 40 degrees.
Polyester fabric
Soak it in cold water for 15 minutes, then wash it with a general synthetic detergent. The temperature of the washing solution should not exceed 40 °C. Dirty parts such as neckline and cuffs can be brushed with a brush. After washing, rinse, can be lightly twisted, dry in a cool and ventilated place, not exposed to the sun, not dry, to avoid wrinkles after heat.


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